Our company offers to customers complex package of services starting from consultation of customer's reqirements which are followed by preparation of solution concept , technical preparation and implementation of project. Through all phases of project we are closelly cooperatioing with customer and we are implementing all client's requirements and requests.


is created according to technical specification to provide control of processes , their visualisation and diagnostics.

Our team is experienced in development and commissioning of software for following controls systems:

  • SIEMENS  :  LOGO! , S7-200, S7-300, S7-400
  • ALLAN BRADLEY  : Compact Logix, Control Logix
  • TELEMECANIQUE  :  TSX – Nano, TSX - Micro

Selection of visualisation and diagnostics software depends on type of  used control system. We are creating visualisations in following software enviroments:

  • FT View Studio ME , FT View Studio SE
  • Win CC, Win CC Flexible

Our team is also experienced with commissioning of robotic systems, especially  with FANUC robots.


Our company also offers all types of electro-installation works with main focus on industrial automation. Our main activities on this field are:

  • manufacture, installation and commissioning of controls cabinets
  • electro-installations of robotic stations
  • electro-installations of industrial control and measuring systems